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Melissa’s roots are deep in our communities with her parents and extended family living close by in Bloomington and Richfield. Melissa grew up in Bloomington and attended Bloomington public schools including graduating from Kennedy High School. Melissa’s parents were both public employees and both devoted their careers to public service: her mother as an educator in Bloomington and her father as a state employee. Melissa and her husband, Craig, have lived for 36 years at the same address in Bloomington and have two children.

Melissa has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Minnesota in Electrical Engineering and worked for a telecommunications and Internet services company as an engineer, manager and director. Her roles included providing field support of telecommunications equipment, testing and developing new data services and managing teams of network engineers, systems architects and software developers.

Melissa has also been active in her community, working on many committees and boards relating to school, church and sports as her children were growing up. In 2009, she was elected to the Bloomington School Board and served her last year as Chair. As a Board member, she was an active member of District committees and chaired the Legislative Committee. Melissa brought her leadership skills as well as her background in data analysis to the position in order to help the School Board effectively perform its governance and policy-making roles.

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